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Your donations go directly to fund ground breaking Cancer Research which uses no live animals and helps children suffering from Cancer and their caring families.


Cancer Prevention is less damaging than Cancer Treatment – and cheaper! We seek to identify Cancer Risk and promote Cancer Awareness and Prevention related to Lifestyle choices.
Stop Cancer!


We fund original and ethical clinical Research into causes and non-invasive treatment of Cancer that does not use live animals or embryonic stem cells.
Target Cancer, not animals!


We provide Healing Holidays of Creative Discovery and Adventure for children with Cancer to renew their physical and creative self-confidence and passion for life destroyed by their Cancer trauma.
Kids with Cancer!

We are all Volunteers – Join us!

We are a dedicated community of unpaid hands-on volunteers and friends with a mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of cancer sufferers. We have NO expensive offices, NO salaried officers and employ NO Chuggers or Cold Callers!

Your donation goes where you intend it – NOT on expensive overheads!


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We have all the latest news from the world of cancer research right here in our in the news blog.

Targeted Lung Cancer tests at Supermarkets

     NHS England propose to spend £70m rolling out lung cancer tests from mobile clinics in supermarket car parks and hospitals over the next four years. The aim of this latest initiative is to catch lung cancer early enough to improve survival chances and those areas in England which have the highest death rates from…


Modified Cervical Cancer screening test shows promise

A modified version of the cervical screening test could soon be rolled out by the NHS in the UK which would cut the number of women diagnosed with cervical cancer by up to a fifth. Some 3,000 women in the UK and 13,000 in USA are presently diagnosed with the disease each year, while some…


Cancer Research & Prevention Blogs

New Diagnostic Procedure for Childhood Leukaemia

The University of Manchester Viral Oncology Research Laboratories are working on developing a new diagnostic procedure for Childhood Leukaemia with support from Caring Cancer Trust’s Stopcancer  funding programme. A problem with modern medicine is that tests for most infectious agents are only given on the basis of symptoms. However, it is well known that some…


Successful Cancer Treatment with Immunotherapy

Your immune system is there to fight off infections and diseases. It is made up of white blood cells and organs and tissues of thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and bone marrow. Immunotherapy drug treatment can either help the body’s immune system to fight cancer either directly, or generally stimulate the immune system…


Brightbulb support raffle launched!

Brightbulb design a local Isle of Wight design and web design business who have helped us for a number of years with our own website have just launched a online raffle in aid of the caring cancer Trust. Brightbulb asked a small number of clients and local businesses if they were able to donate a…