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We fund ethical groundbreaking Animal-free Research into Cancer Treatment, Healing and Prevention and support children suffering from Cancer and their caring families.


We fund original and ethical clinical Research into causes and non-invasive treatment of Cancer that does not use live animals or embryonic stem cells.
Target Cancer, not animals!



We fund biological and clinical research to treat and eliminate Childhood Cancers. We also provide Way2Go! Creative Adventure Holidays for Kids with Cancer, healing and renewing their self-confidence and passion for life after the trauma of their life-threatening illness.


Heal our Kids!



Prevention is less damaging than cure – and cheaper. We identify Lifestyle Cancer Risks and promote Cancer Awareness.

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Cancer Research and Prevention

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First Steps to Treat Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Our hair, its colour and style is a crucial part of our personal identity. Sudden hair loss is an acutely stressful part of chemotherapy. This hair loss is caused by taxanes, the anti-cancer drugs used in treatment. Such loss can have a psychologically depressing effect on all patients during therapy, particularly child and adult female…


US Trade Deal Concerns for NHS Cancer Cure Drugs

515 NHS nurses, doctors and other health professionals have written an open letter to Trump demanding a guarantee that the NHS will not be targeted in any UK-US trade talks. “We are particularly concerned about conversations over patents for pharmaceuticals and the potential for huge drug price increases for the NHS,” the letter says. “To…


NHS Problems Post-Brexit for a New Government

Update 28.11.19Post-Brexit arrangements could dramatically increase the price of vital drugs, as I reported for Channel 4’s Dispatches. Antony Barnett NHS England’s latest performance statistics, published this week, reveal yet more missed key targets for cancer care waiting times. This means that people have long and anxious waits with the risk of their illness worsening before they…


We are all Volunteers – Join us!

We are a dedicated community of unpaid hands-on volunteers and friends with a mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of cancer sufferers. We have NO expensive offices, NO salaried officers and employ NO Chuggers or Cold Callers!

Your donation goes where you intend it – NOT on expensive overheads!


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