Cancer Awareness

Detect these warning signs? See a Doctor!

Awareness ToolsThe sooner a cancer is diagnosed and treated, the more likely the treatment will be completely successful. Awareness of cancer warning signs and speedy consultation to check them out is therefore crucial to treatment success.

These pages seek to present cancer-warning signs in simple language. If you detect any signs, see a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t delay because of embarrassment, finding time in your busy life, or worry about wasting a doctor’s time.

Bolt Burdon Kemp’s interactive tool enables you to explore the signs and symptoms of reproductive cancers, explaining symptoms to look out for and what to do if you have concerns. Click here to see the interactive tool.
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Breast Cancer Enquiry and New Drug.

While the number of women developing breast cancer is increasing, (42,000 women and 300 men being diagnosed each year with 10,000 fatalities), treatment is still a postcode lottery in England, with striking inequalities in regional breast cancer screening, diagnosis, services and care. As with all cancers, early diagnosis of breast cancer can lead to successful treatment and cure.  A new enquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer into these geographical inequalities is therefore timely and will, we hope, eradicate this postal lottery.

The UK now lags behind both France and Germany in providing access to breast cancer drugs and innovative treatment. One piece of good news however is that women in England with terminal breast cancer could have an extra three months of quality of life now that the drug Eribulin has been approved for NHS use by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, (NICE) after a four year hiatus.  Eribulin will now be available for women who have a locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer that has spread after two rounds of chemotherapy. The drug has already been approved for use in Scotland and the Welsh NHS has been directed to implement NICE technology appraisal guidance.

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