King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. We wish His Majesty a full and speedy recovery.

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**Get Your Flu Shot!**

Cancer patients must have their seasonal flu jab to ensure them against further critical illness.Cancer patients will be immunocompromised due to their cancer and ongoing treatment. They are therefore at increased risk of complications like pneumonia or hospitalization from Flu and COVID-19.Last year there were fewer flu cases than normal because of social distancing, mask wearing and party going restrictions. This has undoubtedly resulted in reduced population-level immunity to the seasonal flu this winter.We are likely to undergo a severe flu season now that these COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates are being liftedinfluenza (flu) viruses spread the year-round, but flu activity generally peaks between December and February, causing an additional burden on hospitals and healthcare stress. For cancer patients this can also cause secondary risks like treatment or scanning delays.

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We fund ground-breaking ethical Animal-free Research into Cancer, its non-invasive Treatment, Cure and Prevention.

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We fund original, ethical, oncological laboratory Research that does not use live animals or embryonic stem cells into Causes, non-invasive Treatment, Cure and Prevention of Childhood and Gynaecological Cancers.
We target cancer, not animals!


Our Youth2Go escorted holidays of Creative Adventure enable children recovering from Cancer to regain their self-confidence and joy of life after the trauma of their life-threatening illness, lengthy debilitating Cancer treatment and hospitalisation.



Cancer Prevention is less damaging and less traumatic for patient and caring family than Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and hoped-for Cure. We identify Cancer awareness of causes, and risks from Lifestyle, Diet, Weight and Environment. We work for a Cancer-free Future for all!

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Cancer Research and Prevention

We have all the latest news from the world of cancer research right here in our in the news blog.

Plant-based diet and anti-Cancer Risk

Eating a plant-based diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes can reduce the risk of bowel cancer in men by more than a fifth, according to research, according to a research study put together by Dr. Jihye Kim, published in BioMed Central journal. A large study that involved 79,952 US-based men found that…


Cancer Patients at Risk un ‘Summer of Discontent’

I well remember the 1970s wave of economic unrest and having to work a three-day week. We now have a ‘Summer of Discontent’ which is now threatening to spread from the railways across the public services, as unions representing NHS workers, teachers, barristers, postmen and even GPs threaten walkouts and industrial action over pay this summer.…


The sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hooray

After two years of Corvid, together with present cost of living crisis, plane and train travel shambles, and GP and hospital pressures, we all need the relief of a summer break!  Let’s laze on a sunny summer beach in Cornwall!  Sunbathing in the summer sunshine lifts our spirits, banishes depression and will bring joy to…


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We are a dedicated community of unpaid hands-on volunteers and friends with a mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of cancer sufferers. We have NO expensive offices, NO salaried officers and employ NO Chuggers or Cold Callers!

Your donation goes where you intend it – NOT on expensive overheads!


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