Caring Cancer Trust’s non-animal tested research programme and associated Way2Go and Create2Go healing holidays our wholly managed and run by dedicated unpaid volunteers. We employ no paid staff, no fundraisers on salary or commission, no call centres or ‘chuggers’ and send no unsolicited mail.

Your donations go directly to help children suffering from Cancer and their caring families, and to fund groundbreaking Cancer research which uses no live animals.


If you are interested in fundraising for Caring Cancer Trust’s Research or Healing Holidays programmes,  you can set up your own sponsorship page at VirginMoneyGiving.
Email us at  for fundraising ideas and information.

Ian MacWatt

Trustee and Hon. Chairman

A former County and District Councillor and Town Mayor, Ian has managed CCT Research and Support programmes since 2008. In 2009 he conceived the Charity’s Way2Go Alpine Healing Holidays programme for kids recovering from Cancer and, in 2015, the Create2Go Music & Art workshops for kids with budding creative talents which have been shackled by…

Don Haver

Trustee and Hon Treasurer

Registered blind for the past 14 years, 81 year old Don has recently recovered from Cancer himself. He is an indefatigable fundraiser. A recent attempt to do a sponsored skydive was vetoed by his Doctor, but he took to the ski slopes and learnt to ski in 2014, accomplishing a sponsored ski slalom on an…

Amy MacWatt

Trustee , Hon. Secretary

Amy runs the Charity’s successful volunteer Charity Shop on the Isle of Wight and manages the support programme for in-patients of hospital paediatric oncology units, providing seasonal and birthday gifts and comforts from the Charity Shop proceeds.

Lorraine Stewart


Lorraine works for Hampshire NHS Community Maternity Support. She and her husband Paul are indefatigable fundraisers for our Healing Holidays programmes and Southampton Hospital’s Piam Brown paediatric oncology unit. Daughter Holly is a Way2Go and Create2Go mentor.

Ray Fiddes
Ray Fiddes


Ray retired as CCT’s Hon. Treasurer in 2009. Since then he has managed the charity’s support programme for adult cancer sufferers and their caring families.

Shaheen Khan-Jones
Shaheen Khan-Jones

Party Leader

Shaheen and her husband Steve teach at a London Comprehensive and they devote much of their holiday time to leading our Way2Go Alpine Healing Holidays of Adventure and Create2Go Art and Music workshops.

Keith and Louise Ventin
Keith and Louise Ventin

Party Leaders

Keith and Louise are teachers  with many years experience leading school groups on activity adventure and cultural trips in UK and abroad. They joined the Way2Go programme as volunteer leaders in 2012.