Caring Cancer Trust were honoured to be inducted into the University of Manchester‘s Beyer Circle of Philanthropy at the Circle’s Inauguration ceremony in 2015. CCT has funded Animal-free Research into Childhood and Gynaecological Cancers at the University’s Viral Oncology Laboratories since 2006.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester with CCT Chairman Ian MacWatt.

“Caring Cancer Trust’s generosity towards the Viral Oncology Group has supported its work in preventing and curing some of the world’s most deadly cancers”

Prevention NOW saves Treatment LATER


Our research mission for Cancer Prevention:

*   New lifesaving Cancer Prevention medicines.

*.  New Therapies for cancers in their early stages.

 Analysis of the role of microbes in causing Childhood Cancer.

*   Heightened Cancer Awareness by GPs and public.

*   Lifestyle, diet and environmental changes for Cancer avoidance.

*   Dissemination of Trial results relating to Cancer Treatment and Prevention Prevention NOW saves Treatment LATER


The statement “Prevention is better than Cure” is never truer than for Childhood Cancer.

The detection of malignant disease is increasingly more possible through Prevention Research. There are however still types of Childhood Cancer with no known cure or low survival rates.

Prevention NOW saves Treatment LATER

Research is increasing our understanding of how silent infections, lifestyle and diet, genetic predisposition and environmental pollution lead to different types of Childhood and later adult Cancer.   We identify how simple changes in lifestyle and diet combined with avoidance of exposure to environmental contaminants reduce cancer for kids at tender age or later on into teens and adulthood.

Identifying and understanding hitherto unknown cause-and-effect relationships enables scientists to limit exposure to such carcinogenic factors or devise prevention therapies to suppress their effects before a Cancer has time to develop.

We fund ethical animal-free Research into Childhood Cancer, its causes, treatment and prevention.

Maisie Norton

Nobody likes to talk about Cancer in children but more kids die from it than from any other disease in Australia, Canada, UK and USA.



Dr.Lynne Hampson and Professor Ian Hampson. The University of Manchester Viral Oncology Research Laboratories.

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) is the most common children’s cancer with the majority of cases occurring between 3 and 4 years of age and it has been suspected for >100 years that an unidentified infectious agent may cause this disease.

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Advances in Immune biology

Research is improving our understanding of the role of immune system in the causation of Cancer. We now know, for example, that some tumours actually hijack the body’s own immune response to promote their growth. Research continues to know how this happens and what can be done to prevent it.

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Cancer Research team Cancer knows no boundaries Doctor’s, Ian and Lynne Hampson and their international research team at Manchester University viral oncology research laboratories